Stay Present

Today I’m joining Lisa-Jo Baker and her writing throwdown, Five Minute Friday

Stay present.

Tomorrow morning I will wrestle the laundry into the washer, loads of sheets all covered with their sickness and tomorrow I will need to stay parked…to stay here. No turning of the minivan north. No Sabbath quiet. No joy of hours of space to rehear the truth through books I would schlep to the coffeehouse. No haircut and color my thoughtful mother already paid for…just here with this beautiful mess of children.

The question is, in the midst of my disappointment in the loss of a set-aside-time, will I be able to stay present?

That three year old Christopher Robin, laid down still will invite me to cuddle for hours and that Sam Gribley 7 year old will call out for another story and I will choose a new Sabbath…a laying down of my heart here.

I will lift up and out the hunger for quiet, for rest, and He hears and I am never alone and I will practice His Presence in a hobbling three-legged-race tied to the Holy One…and he will meet all of our needs. Here. As I lay down my heart and STAY.

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