When you need more of God

“Some Christians believe that being filled with the Holy Spirit is a work the Lord brings to people from above, as if they were an empty pitcher and He pours the Holy Spirit into them, much as one would pour water into a pitcher.


I have a much different image of being filled:  When I was a boy I often went to a spring that bubbled up from the earth deep in the forest near our home.  We boys would go there each spring as baseball practice began, since it was only a few hundred yards above the field where we practiced.


When we would first arrive each spring it would not be running well.  The debris and rocks that winter weather deposited upon the opening would keep the spring from flowing freely.  But as we removed the barriers, the water would bubble up fresh and clear, flowing strong all throughout the summer heat.”


From Terry Wardle’s book, Healing Care, Healing Prayer, pg 102


Gungor with their poetic treatment of scripture: Dry Bones

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  1. I also think of water as flowing, springing up inside us…a well spring. Thankful for the Living Water. I enjoyed the song and thank you for linking up at the Grace Cafe this week.


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