What’s Inspiring my Motherhood

I am homeschooling again this year.

And the truth is that although home education is for these blond haired, open-eyed three:

homeschooling is just as much for me.

Homeschooling forces me to remodel my parenting.

I have been witness to the painful after effects of parents captivated by the serving of many…

And I have drunk from that glass.  I love the ministry of gardening and gathering of transformation stories which I have to admit, make me slightly drunk with joy.  My heart surges as I share my story and HIS story and give others the permission to be vulnerable and thirst for more God.  Yes, and I know, all of it is good…so good…but my children’s story is going to take time to develop.

Their stories demand dark room-like intensity watching the focus come into view. 

For others I may be a link in their journey, a short boatride across the river, but for these three, I and Daddy will be the long-term guides. (An unbidden, unwanted picture of Gandolf rises into view.)

I have seen the painful tripping steps of those who were second (or third or fourth) to their parents’ focus on the large mass of hungry. So, today this quote is what is inspiring me:

and this amazing song by Andrew Peterson:

check here for the lyrics.  I weep every single time I hear them.

and this one too:

and here are the lyrics.

What in your life needs to be remodeled in order to focus on long-term eternity-centered goals?



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  1. Oh, Summer, I’m not even a homeschooling mama and these words are hope and encouragement to my weary soul. I have been struggling to stay inspired and motivated in the “small stuff”- just the day to day shaping and molding and loving– I asked God specifically for a WORD today- and your words are His balm to my soul. Thank you. Praying your school year is a marvelous ride over sacred waters… and even when the storms strike, may you see Him walking across those waves to join you 🙂

    1. Alicia,
      I’m so thankful to have been a small part of your journey! Blessings, Friend.
      Lord, I pray for encouragement for Alicia’s motherhood today. As You know Lord, this is hard work and we get weary. I also pray that You would provide Alicia with the rest and Sabbath that she needs so that she can find joy in the daily things once again. Thank You for always hearing us, Amen

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