What to do with Worry

This morning I feel insecurity building and find myself holding my breath, the worry whirring. I feel myself faltering, raw, vulnerable, fear-full and needing to lean heavily against God, the only One firm, sure, stable who does not change.


Where will our future be rooted?  Will there be enough?  Will I find people…my people? Will I have time to restore, and be ready to care for my brood…or will I be working full time outside the home, ragged?


Everything is about to change.


And I need to lean hard.


This is when I go back to a simple prayer practice, go back to my ABC’s.  Because sometimes simple is best.


Linda Dillow wrote about this first in Discipleship Journal.  A young mama was going through breast cancer full with all the wearying treatments and the packed in fears I can’t imagine.  And this is what Linda gently taught this fear-wracked one: write God’s attributes, his names one by one and organize them according to the ABC’s.  Watch your faith grow one by one and your fears find their place in the light of His truth.  Soon there amassed a dizzying pile of truths and a daily hunt for more with pages of a journal and a Bible and a pen.  Linda told this young mama to go through this list for twenty minutes a day, to go to the rock of who He is and sit there firmly…to lean hard into God through this practice.


Then, the Word and the words became everything…easily recallable during the chemo treatment and the exhaustion, a way to rest in God, to crawl into her Hiding Place.  This simple practice became a portal for full, focused worship and often a doorway for God’s healing Presence.


Faith is built one brick at a time, one God-truth mortared firmly on top of another.


And this is what I’ve needed again lately because even when my world is tottering, He is not.

He is:

A:  Abundant Life Giver, Abba.  Authority.  All-powerful, All-Knowing, Alpha and Omega, Affectionate, All-consuming Fire

I found the image here.


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  1. God has given you a talent like no other, Summer. I enjoy reading your writings…very up lifting and encouraging. I love you and your family very much. What an inspiration you are to me.

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