What Inspired Me this Week

1. I was daydreaming after the kids were in bed perusing this site full of French farmhouse design eye candy.  This interview of Yvonne McGrane, a business woman, mom and designer, held an interesting insight I’ve been rolling around in my mind:

One of my values is living every moment.

Really living and breathing in every one.

I recently learned this requires creating “white space” around moments rather than packing in one To Do after another throughout my day.

This way if a moment grows — say I run into a friend and we get into a deep connection – I make time to be present and enjoy it. Let it grow.

I used to always be thinking of all the things I had to do each day so there was little white space left. I missed lots of spontaneous opportunities for fulfillment and chances to share and receive gifts with others.”

Thanks, Yasmine.  White space.  Yes.  Need to pencil that into my google calendar.  Perhaps this is another clue to practicing feasting on the present moment.

2. This article in World Magazine blew me and our marketing-savvy culture away in one clarity-producing breath.  In it, Ann Voskamp is interviewed and admits that for 6/7 years she pushed the publish button without knowing that anyone was reading!  No site meter.  No comment log.  She published into a black hole.

Why did she publish?  She was writing an online journal and held out hope that her story would speak to that one lamb that Jesus goes after.  She didn’t type out her story for the 99, she courageously went after the 1 in an anti-marketing strategy so like Jesus.

I’m inspired to keep lighting my candle for one.  Mothering.  Pastoring.  Writing.  For one.

And her writing shack?  That’s all I need for my mansion in heaven, Lord, as long as it is located in Tuscany, of course.

3.  Perhaps this will be nourishment for next week?  My favorite beef stew: Beef Daube Provencal from Cooking Light.  Incredible flavor profile.  I always double it this time of year and have extra for Christmas Eve.  It’s comfort food and company worthy, the best combination.

Have a wonderful white-space filled Sabbath friends!

Summer Gross

(First photo of Yvonne’s own home found on Pinterest via BHG, recipe photo found on myrecipes.com, Ann’s photo by Layne Beckner Grime/Genesis Photos)


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