What Comes Forth out of the Stillness: The Feast Day 4

A Psalm of Mornings



The hour

Before my husband wakes

My kitchen still clean.



The nameless birds

Whose caws penetrate

the cool of my open window.



The shawl wrapped and padded stillness,

The steaming mint chamomile tea

Fresh without imposing expectations.



The wet hour,

My mind dew-washed with sleep

Ready to lavish the sweet tang of the day.


by Summer Gross

Have any poems, thoughts, prayers, joys come forth out of the feast yet?  Please do share!

Come share the stillness with us.  We are practicing 10 minute stillness breaks, fully open to our senses.  It is a feast of gifts straight from the Giver.


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1 Comment

  1. I totally love this idea…..and will “go forth” with it!
    My name for it has been Interludes. God’s name (at least one of them) seems to be Sabbaths. Whatever!
    The world is standing up tall, waiting to be noticed!
    Linda A.

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