I’m pulling out a chair dear weary, thirsty friend.  Come sit down and enjoy the view over the hills.  Doesn’t it make you want to sit, put up your feet, pull out your glass for cold water, maybe a sip of warming wine?  God has put more than enough of what you need on His table and is always inviting, “Come, dear one, sit down, whatever you need, it’s on the table.”

My (Summer’s) mother-in-law graciously loves people through food, chocolate cake to be exact, piled with dark fudgy chocolate icing 1/2 inch thick.  Like an Italian mama, she invites her loved ones to another big rich square.

This, my friend, is our way of loving you, big piles of words, prayerfully crafted because we hope that just maybe you will want to sit down for a bit of refreshment…getting more than joy, way, way way more than religion, we hope we can point you directly to Jesus who spreads a table before you.  And we know that once a week on Sunday is just not enough.

We will pass around more Word, invite each other to the Source, the headwaters, Jesus Himself.  He never runs dry.  Never.

Are you Thirsty?


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  1. Hi Summer and Linda,

    THIS IS AWESOME!! I am so excited to see this website!! and I hope to do some contributing… how wonderful! Life is really full for bryan and I … we just launched our fourth son Jon and our first born is getting ready to move to LA for a new job and possibly an engagement within this week. Wow…Best of all to you both… I hope to be connecting at the Calvin’s writer’s conference too!

    1. Hey Lori,
      Great to hear from you! Wow. Sounds busy and fun and full. I can’t wait to see you and be uber-inspired by The Calvin faith and writing festival. Lets make plans.

  2. I thank God for His love pouring out and beckoning us through your willing servatude! I give Him thanks and praise also for your loving support groups whom also make the spreading of His love for His children through your words and actions possible.
    I pray that The Holy Spirit will continue through you ladies of the Lord for IAM thirsty and look forward to more. Thank you JD

  3. Linda!
    Thank you so much for the invite. I am today in the middle of a big decision and move for Christ. This was ever so timely. I think of you so much and would love to continue to pick that brain and heart of yours.
    Love to hear what you have learned. As usual, we seem to be on similar paths my friend.
    I am thirsty.

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