Weekly Nourishment: Scripture Typer and Hello Mornings Love

I’m a good news, shout it from the rooftop type girl.  I’ve even got to sing the praises of my brilliant new hairstylist! (By the way, she’s in Holland, MI, researches justice issues around the world for fun, and chats with me about Mali, West Africa while she massages my head.  I’m in love. I tipped her with this life-changer of a book, Half the Sky.)


1. First, about two weeks ago I was reading Ann Voskamp’s site www.aholyexperience.com and the hilarious Liz Curtis Higgs was guest posting on her sight singing the praises of this: www.ScriptureTyper.com .  If you want to read her guest post about how scripture typer has transformed her life in scripture click here.


I could identify with the prolific Mrs. Higgs.  When I memorize scripture, it is always a struggle.  I memorize in spurts then forget them shortly after.  This site is pure fun and feels almost game-like.  Almost.  The point is that these words get stuck somewhere between the folds of my brain and the Holy Spirit knows how to get them unstuck when I need them most.


Click on Scripture Memory on the menu and then “Getting Started” and watch the videos first. I’ll never memorize scripture again without the help of this right and left brain connecting boost.


Joy of My favorite morning: Christmas

2. So, I know you are going to hate me, but I love mornings!  A friend once asked me what I drink to rev up in the morning and when I said “water” she rolled her eyes.  But, habits and excuses and a night owl husband and I had given up my favorite hours of the day, let them just slide away unmourned.  No more.  I found this site:  http://www.hellomornings.org/ and have been taking the challenge.  Richer, fuller, more efficient.  Yup, all that.  I’m taking back mornings using their help.  They suggest babysteps and weekly changing your bedtime to wake up time just 15 minutes early.  Smart. The greatest tip I’ve found yet?  Set an alarm for bedtime and keep it.  I’m happily sliding under the electric blanket a full hour and a half earlier and waking up at “ahhh, I’ve got a whole two hours before the kids wake up.”  I know.  Don’t hate me.

I hope your weekend is full of snow sledding and marshmallow-filled hot chocolate. Remember, friend, you are loved by the God of the Universe and He wants You to lean back into Him, allowing Him to form you into His image.

Be Still and know that He is God.  You don’t have to grunt it out and do it all by your lonesome, You’ve got the All-Powerful one on your team.

Oh, and by the way, I’m excited to have a Lenten Series posting daily this year on Cross-Shaped love evangelism.  Join me?  Feel free to sign up for daily emails to make it that much easier.  Lent begins February 13th.


Blessings, friend.  I honestly love to be on the journey with you,


And do tell.  Where has your nourishment come from this week?


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