We Can’t Afford Small Visions of Jesus



I need fresh vision. I need the cloud, the power, the white hot light. 

Be kind. We’re all fighting a hard battle. Plato spoke those words millennia ago and despite today’s youtube make-up videos and Instagram’s filters, the masks we wear aren’t strong enough to change that truth.


And the battles keep coming. 


We require a fresh vision of Jesus in order to fight our battles.


And this is what I’m wondering about this passage:


Perhaps Peter, James, and John were picked for this glimpse of Christ’s divinity transfigured because their destinies demanded a brilliant vision of Jesus. 


Jesus was seared white hot on the forefronts of their brain so that

–when they closed their eyes searching for courage, they saw Jesus.  

–when they laid facedown in discouragementthey saw Jesus.

–when they were weary of one more sacrifice, they saw Jesus.

–when they wondered where it all would lead, they saw Jesus.

–when their breath was taken away because they saw the crux and the cross where it was all leading, they saw Jesus. And they laid it all down, knowing He was big enough to carry it all.



We can’t afford small visions of Jesus. Today’s battle and tomorrow’s calling demand a new self-revelation of Christ. 


But here’s the humble truth.
We have a desperate need for something which is totally out of our control.


We can’t demand fresh vision, it’s a gift. We can’t coerce Christ’s self-revelation, it’s provision.


All we can do is pray, position ourselves (in the Word, in worship, in prayer with the Spirit, in solitude, in the Body of Christ), and wait.

And this friends is what I’m walking into the desert of Lent with.

I need a fresh vision of Jesus which will FILL the front windshield of my mind.

I need a vision of Jesus that is so extravagant it will crowd out all doubt, scarcity, and fear. Because I’m tired of doubt, scarcity, and fear. And I can’t walk ahead while my ankles are tangled in their nets.


In what area of your life do you need a fresh vision of Jesus?


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