The Surest Way Out of the Pit *SLOW Word video*


The feast is good dear friends! I talk about how to keep the feast going all day long in my email for my subscribers today. Subscribe on the right side to get the SLOW Word to your email every Monday and Thursday. And perhaps you’d like to invite a friend to the feast?

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  1. I always look forward to the slow word. This one found me right where I’m at… the Lord met me at the bottom of a pit a few months ago and has been lifting me out, giving me new perspective of Him, of myself, and of the past. He also gave me a promise that He would give me some ease in an area of struggle as I am more and more satisfied by His presence and His unfailing love. This lectio touched on both of those things. I love how personally and intimately He speaks to us. I am so grateful for your ministry and the way you lead me into His presence to hear His word.

    1. Jamie, this is absolutely gorgeous! Wow. What a beautiful answer to prayer! Thank you for letting me be a tiny part of your story. Such a gift.

    1. Sonya, it is. Honestly it’s because I am a techy-fail and lost my original Mailchimp subscription. I know…more info than you needed. Unfortunately I had to start over and this new subscription is much more active! I’d love to have you subscribe on the right and then you could unsubscribe to the original emails that look like the old website. It’s such a beautiful gift to know you are on the other side of the camera, my dear!

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