The Promise of Pentecost *SLOW Word video*

Welcome to this quiet corner of the noisy interwebs! These lectio divinas are a quiet listening to scripture as a doorway to prayer. As we slow and listen together we’re choosing spiritual whitespace over all the beeps and buzzes of our phones in order to carve out much-needed space for the Word.  So sit right on down on the front porch and let’s allow God through Acts 1:4-8 to have His way with us. {Oh, and friend, if this little time of lectio divina is a gift for you today, perhaps it would be a gift for a friend? Pass on the gift of SLOW.}


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  1. This has blessed me so much as your slow words always do, but especially today. I received not just yours but two other emails about Pentecost on the same day a few days ago. I am so thankful to the Lord for speaking to me through you and these other avenues. I want you to know that I look forward to receiving your slow words and they are part of how God has been leading me into more intimacy with Him this year and breathing life into me. So, thank you for being brave and bold and following Jesus in this way. What you are doing is very good and important work.

    1. Tracy, thank you for this lovely note. I adore hearing that God is breathing life into you and leading you into more intimacy with Him. This is so extremely profound.

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