The Gift of Each Season: Day 9


Live in each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit.”

Henry David Thoreau

The feast has been laid.  The table set.  The candles lit and He is here.


The trees flame, the boughs grow heavy and what do I do? I cringe fearing the months of winter.

 Today I hear: Live this season, Summer.  Feast here.

This morning I awoke and surged toward the fitness center with tennis shoes in hand, streaming past life to run on a treadmill.  I burst out the little yellow cottage door bracing for cold and the warm breeze stunned me and I stood still.  Morning stars pricked the darkness with quiet glory and I turned from one constellation to the next, breathing in the unsearched for beauty.

Later, at lunch with a friend I laughed as Henry David Thoreau spoke (out of the truth of God?) from a 1 by 1 square attached to my Earl Grey Celestial Seasonings tea bag.  Sit still, daughter, it said.  Taste fully today.  Taste fully this season.  Yes, I’ll bring in the crockpot of hot apple cider Thursday for my new Journey group, wrap warm for the walk down the Kal-Haven trail, the trees shedding color.

But in that miniscule wisdom, I heard more: Summer, drink deep the life, the season, I have created and stop this incessant stream of…more, different, new, better…

The most profound adventure of all may be living the life I have given you, intentionally.

Receive the gift.


Hi Friend! 

How is this journey of Feasting on the Present going for you?  We are practicing getting present through each of our senses with just ten minutes a day (start with five?), the focus of our attention.

BTW, all of these beautiful photos are from Etsy: Photography by Karin A.  Gorgeous, are they not?  Check them out here.

Today I’m linking with the incredible writer Jennifer Lee Dukes here:

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