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Two weeks ago a friend asked me to do a Slow Word for her church retreat and Matthew 14: 25-33 of Peter walking on the water was the scripture they were using. The experience was transformative. The Holy Spirit has been bringing me back to the Sea of Galilee to hear the words, to listen deeply. I wanted to take you with me.

My sister Stephanie flew in from Columbus last night and after we got children settled, we sat on the front porch last night enjoying this word and the sound of a Great Horned Owl.  Afterwards, we settled on the couch with a cup of bedtime tea and couldn’t stop talking about what we were hearing.  Both of us had heard the same word but with completely different practical applications.

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And you friend, what word or phrase or invitation do you hear from the Lord?  Join Stephanie and my conversation in the comment section to encourage each other in the Word.

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  1. So good, dear friend. Yes, the Word needs time to do its good work. I am giving thanks for Jesus’ continual invitation to “come TOWARD Him.” It is a journey and a process and a joy to my heart…How amazing that His Word and His Presence are making us new.
    Grateful for you, sister. (And so glad your sis is with you and yours now.)

    1. Yes, the coming toward! How did I ever miss that? We aren’t being sent into the wilds of the open sea but toward He who is our desire! Praying that your ministry is blessed tonight…that the seeds of the Word go deep.

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