Dear Friends,

Here’s a little Monday blessing:

So, what if instead of laying down our heavy hearts to enter the Word, we took them right along with us? What if we lugged our struggles, our unmet needs, our pain, our deepest cry right into our quiet with this Scripture and brought it into the Lord’s Presence, allowing this Scripture to transform it from the inside out.


That’s what I did last night. Last night I brought my exhaustion right into Jesus’ Presence and prayed that He would heal, that He would provide…and He did: the promise of daily bread. This morning, I’m holding onto that Word tight, setting down my anxiety over a day that feels long and deciding to lift up my head and search for the Bread. I have a feeling I’ll be following a trail of substantial crumbs all the way to the quiet of the evening.

So, this Monday, I bless you with the ability to keep those empty hands held out for an Abba who loves to provide.

I bless you with the gift of slow, deep breaths before the takeover of quick mindless action, before you speak words you wish could be put back into your mouth. #Preachingtomyself


Blessings on your search for more of Jesus this Monday,

Summer Joy

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  1. I’m reminded that we are not called to DO the Lord’s will, but to participate in it, cooperate with Him, witness His power and plans unfold in a front-row manner. God has called me to a hard thing this morning, and His invitation to me is to follow Him, to participate, not to accomplish it on my own. Thank you for this piece of His daily bread!

  2. Came back this morning to listen again to the Lord’s Prayer. Praying that He is carrying you through this busy season and buoying you up by His Spirit and His Word. ❤️

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