Mercy: Worship

“Your mercy, your mercy  has stolen my heart”….the words tiptoe through my heart .  I creep close and hard under the shelter of your wide-winged love.  I snuggle close to the heart thump inside.  Under your eagle eye I rest. By your side, I am enfolded in uncommon grace.   Protected I stand under imposing love shield.

Joy sizzles down.  Laughter oozes.  Heart beats lively, in step with yours.  Rhythm pushes feet to ground and dancing begins.  First feet, and working its’ bouncy way to finger ends and up–all over, I’m dancing and dancing in this pool of “you-ness”.  It happened here.  Today.  In the sweet spot where we meet.  It is ever different, ever fresh, enlivening, hope filled.  Exuberant Niagara of unbounded grace.  We ride the wave together.

A room.  A room and a chair.  Just a chair.  A chair and a candle though, and a corner to call my own, and time.  There has not always been time.  It is today’s gift, and I hold it close and call it precious.  Time and desire–desire kindled by quiet.  Be still my soul……

And come, Lord Jesus come!

Linda Andersen

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