Malachi 3 SLOW Word Lectio Divina

More of this beautiful, hard word from Malachi? Three years ago I turned on The Messiah and wrapping myself in Handel’s interpretation and the glory of the Word, I wrote out daily meditations for Advent. If you want more of a meditation this morning, come with me to India with Amy Carmichael to visit the refiner’s crucible here: And He Shall Purify.


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  1. So glad to read through three times. At first reading, I hear:
    Purify yourself. Fix yourself. Figure out what to do. Get it together. You are such a mess.

    The second time I hear:
    HE will come.
    HE will enter in.
    HE will refine.
    HE will purify.
    HE will do it.

    The last time through I hear:
    Do not labor in your purification. Labor only to trust Me. Put your whole trust in Me, the One who loves you. The One who is always good.

    1. Wow Jamie! This is profound. From trusting in our own strength to leaning hard into Him. That is stunning movement in the Spirit. And that’s why we listen over and over!!! Thank you for sharing this beautiful work.

      He who began a good work in you will carry it through to completion until the day of Jesus Christ. Ro 1:6 That’s a verse I say aloud to myself a few times a week when I’m discouraged knowing that it’s His strength, His power, His vision, His work. I lean heavy with hope.

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