Luke 13:10-17 Slow Word Lectio Divina

Oh friends. Thursday the kids and I sat around the kitchen table during Morning Time with tea and Madeline’s delectable orange, cranberry scones. This Luke 13:10-17 was the gospel from the Daily Office. In a bit of a hurry, I read the Word straight from my iphone. We chatted for a moment, I prayed, and then I set the scripture down not realizing that the Spirit would keep picking it back up for me to stare into like a mirror.

These are the questions I’m living with:

Where am I a captive?

What am I bent towards?

What is Jesus’ attitude towards my captivity?


Let’s set aside time today to kneel at Jesus’ feet and receive:

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  1. It’s been strange lately that God keeps putting his finger on something that happened 18 years ago, an event that distorted image of God but I feel like, that was so long ago. I really need to go back to that?!? How convicting to hear this story and realize that Jesus does indeed want me to be released from something that’s kept me bound for eighteen years. Thanks, friend.

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