January Saturday Morning Thanks

Here at the little yellow cottage, it’s hard not to dance our thanks:

1.  English Premier League.  Waking up to Tottenham and Queens Park Rangers instead of Saturday morning cartoons.

2. Milk, whey protein and blueberry smoothie with chia seeds for breakfast…high protein and fiber for high energy mom-hours.

3. Giada’s Spezzatino on the stove, (Giada’s Italian chicken soup) ready for Sunday’s lunch.

4. Kids jumping on bubble wrap in jammies and cowboy boots.

5. Cinnammon candle glowing on the kitchen table.

6. Overhearing Andrew’s casual conversation with Caedmon as they sat side by side on the futon talking about the book of  Acts.

7. A warm January day with a fresh breeze and open windows.

8.The youngest two’s imaginative play: feeding rows of stuffed animals plastic McDonalds food, a questionable choice.

9. Conference call with my gorgeous mom and sister covering futures, and pre-diabetes and dreams deeply rooted.

10. Paper whites growing in a black urn on the kitchen table

11. We OK by The Very Best and K’Naan turned as high as the ihome will go, filling the neighborhood out open windows with African harmonies and a pounding rhythm making us jump like Massai.

And you friend, what are you thankful for today?

Summer Gross

Beautiful paper white photos found here.

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  1. I love paper whites too! And today I am thankful for an overnight stay at Avalyn Garden Bed & Breakfast with my spouse….just the two of us… no kids, clutter, or chaos…in a quiet, soothing, sky blue haven called the Monet Room.

  2. First of all, what is the English Premier League and the Queens Park Rangers? British Forest Rangers? Ha, ha- my soccer crazy friends. 🙂 I’m thankful for an early birthday dinner out with Nate and Asian style glazed salmon-yum!

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