Invitation to the With-God Life

Listen. Savor. Pray.


Are you feeling thirsty for more of the with-God abiding life? Here’s my story and why practicing God’s Presence has become one of the chief desires of my life:

AND, by the way, did you know every Tuesday we have a lectio divina from the lectionary for the following Sunday? Come back on Thursdays (today) and pray through scripture using a lectio divina series I’m calling The WITH-GOD LIFE. We’ll be soaking in John 15 for a few weeks and then head out to the Psalms. I promise it will be strength for the journey.

Join the Slow Word Movement and subscribe to become a part of the community! I’ll be making a video on Five Simple Ways to Deepen your Scripture Meditation and sharing it right there next week. We also have a lovely Facebook Community for subscribers that’s continually growing.

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  1. Hi Summer,
    I haven’t commented in a while, but I’m still here every week soaking up the Word. Thank you for this ministry! Lectio has become a regular part of my spiritual life. I’ve often been a performer and a striver when it comes to the Word, and lectio puts me in a totally different place… a much more receptive place. Sometimes I’ll go over to YouTube and listen to your older lectio videos when I just need to sit and open my heart to His word. Blessings to you. ❤️

    1. Oh Jamie, this is so precious to me! I love how you describe this! You’ve been a striver (I know that game intimately) but the lectio enables you to rest in the Word and receive. Thank you for the shout out (and encouragement) dear one!

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