Deep Breath: A Sabbath Practice

God is always trying to give good things to us, but our hands are too full

to receive them.    St. Augustine



Our work this week has piled up heavy and we’re sure we won’t be able to climb out from under it all. I still have two loads of laundry glaring at me to be put away and a writing deadline looming. Sabbath rest feels awkward after a week like this. What if we were to sit still with all that’s weighing heavy, look at each piece clearly, and one by one place each concern in Jesus’ capable hands? He’s got big hands. He’s got this.

Sometimes we need Sabbath rituals to mark a new type of time: a fragrant cup of tea on the porch in the early morning, an afternoon nap on the couch, a slow walk by the creek hearing the trickle of water rush by. Maybe this simple prayer would open up a little breathing space until you can “Come to Him and rest.” Matthew 11:28a


May you find not just places of worship this Sabbath and and moments to realign your heart to His True North, but time to be refreshed in His Presence.


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    1. Your piece is fantastic! I love the idea that God can tolerate 6 billion people and their mess and still ask for them to rest. LOVE!

  1. This is lovely, Summer, and you’ve written about Sabbath before. I wonder if by chance you know of my friend Shelly Miller, her blog, and her Sabbath Society, where readers share their insights about rest–both practical and inspirational? You may see her writing here:
    Also, Shelly is releasing her first book in October. It’s called Rhythms of Rest: Finding the Spirit of Sabbath in a Busy World. I love all that Shelly writes, not just because she is a gifted writer, but because I know her personally, She is passionate about Christ and writes authentically from that passion. Here is a link to the book:

    I just thought I would share.

    I also love your writing and your beautiful insights. All the best as you rest in Him.

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