Day 1: How to Fall in Love with a Zipcode


Just this last month, the Gross’ family adopted a new zipcode, driving through the mountains of five states and landing in northern GA. You too friend? Have you moved and are still reeling a bit? Or do you live with a chronic case of discontent and wanderlust? 

We’re taking 31 days to learn to love this place we call home.

Journey with me? 


From the reading Sunday:

Proverbs 8:30-31 “Then I was constantly at his side. I was filled with delight day after day, rejoicing always in his presence, rejoicing in his whole world and delighting in mankind.

You, dear one…you have been called to love a zipcode.


Jesus cried over one, begged Jerusalem to find life under the generous width of His wings.


He loved a rambling, hillside town.


You will too.


Dear one, even though you feel uprooted, your heart raw from grieving, begin to ask God for His love of your new town.


And these strangers who look so unfamiliar, they too are made in God’s image –great walking beings weary from the fight, who wear a mask just like you are sometimes tempted to do lately.  Don’t. Engage real.


Your new librarian fidgeting behind the great oak desk, she is His image bearer and He adores each hidden facet of her heart.  He delights in her as she sits by the window, hot coffee in hand drinking in the chirps the birds sing back and forth in the early morning.


Your kids new teachers are exhausted with overwork, underpay and under-encouragement.


And your neighbors’ doors are shut now but behind them is a tangle of heart-breaking and glorious stories waiting to be known and honored and loved.


And He…He is waiting to walk through those doors holding your hand.  Through You the King comes. You push open the door and the Light of the world glides in, bringing waves of Resurrection with Him.


Cause dear one, this move is about you, but mostly it’s not.  He moves love-bearers around the world to bring Kingdom life, His pounding, loving, grieving heart for the world zipped into their suitcases.


“Go ye therefore”always requires us to pack, exchange zipcodes and suddenly friend, whether you meant it or not, you are smack dab living in the center of the Great Commission and there are hearts here just waiting for the seed God wants to plant…seeds you carry in your pocket.

by Summer Gross

And you, friend, how do you choose to love your town?

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Want more? Remember him?  How easy it can sometimes be to fling seeds?

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  1. we are still getting used to our new zipcode. and the librarians, teachers, preachers – all of it. thank you for this beautiful commission to spread the love around.
    that IS why we are here, as you said so well.

    thanks for linking at imperfect prose.

  2. Oh Summer, this is beautiful. I am so glad you were at IP this week. I love the way you see this, this call, this uprooting. What a beautiful write. I have so missed your words. Your tender and beautiful heart will reach many with His grace and love in your new zip code. Blessings.

    1. Thank you so much for your gift of presence here at “a thirst for God.” I enjoy your blog, your beautiful shining poetry self…

  3. We just moved from living in IN for 21 yrs do NC. Downsized house, different schools, trying to find peace here.

    1. Welcome fellow mover. Hold on for the ride. We WILL find “the goodness of The Lord in the land of the living” here in our new lands. So thankful for a fellow traveler!

  4. I’m so glad to begin making this blog a regular part of my technology/spiritual input time. As always I am challenged to not use anything a substitute as personal “face time” with Jesus.

  5. I have just found your blog as I’m in the midst of see arching where it is I belong, where God is calling me. Where I currently reside I am stagnating and everything ended a year ago. I’m wrestling in finding where my purpose my calling will fit, yet the passion to travel to different continents burns within my heart that I can barely think of anything else some days.. I long to tell others what God is speaking.. I long to feel the sand of another country beneath my feet and to put my feet in their ocean that will bring cleansing..

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