Grasping the Present Firmly

I’m joining the hundreds writing over at Lisa Jo’s for Five Minute Friday’s.  The word today, GRASP:


I have come to realize I hardly feel the floor under my feet as I walk.  I am a ghost on the earth.  The present darts away and is gone, a shimmery trout swimming in and out of the shadows.


10 minutes a day I sit,  grasping the Present.  I am sitting firm on a chair, listening to the crickets chirping, marking the seconds until the first snow.  My eyes rest firm on Adam’s painting, Mary, with elegant abstract brushstrokes putting her hand up, shielding herself from the Angel’s announcements.  Fear of the present unknown.

I glide through life shutting out the gifts, not grasping the moment by moment blessing because of a straining, a preparation, a constant organizing of my future. I rarely let the future drop like the sparkling gifts of God present, here, now.

by Summer Gross

Five Minute Friday

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