Good, Good Friday

Today, God hung slack on a tree,

Bleeding red love





Today, Compassion cried bloody tears

On the mob that killed it

And asked forgiveness

For the hand and the hammer

And cried, “Father!” to stopped-up ears.


Today, a king died high

Between earth and cloud

The target of spit

And sword

And crown of thorn.


Today, a Lamb followed destiny

and desire

Chained by love

To shame, hurt

And sin

And hell.


Today, Earth’s bosom shook.

The silent scream of sin

Shrouded light

And Life died in a casket of pain.


Today, Heaven roared and seethed,

And in it’s dark fury

Cast swords to earth.

The planet shook.

Gutteral shudders swelled earth’s belly

And belched black clouds.

God had passed that way

And signed His name

In the blood of His Son.


Today, garbage plugged up the universe

With decay

And death swallowed victory

With gnashing teeth.

A lion roared from Hell

And a cross stood

A bleak apostrophe in time and space.


Today, it was Friday.  But Sunday was coming………..

Linda Andersen

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