For Your Sabbath Quiet Hours: A Clearing in the Wild lyrics

Dear One, you’ve been spinning, making magic out of straw. You’ve loved with fierceness and lived strong. You’ve struggled tired and flailed.  Now it’s time to rest, breathe deep. Refill. Put a pot of orange slices, cinnamon sticks and cloves on the stove to simmer. Set out cheese and crackers out for dinner, light a fire in the fireplace, open a book that makes you sit still, drink deep.


For you, my friend, I’m praying for a clearing in the wild.


I’m praying for space to reconnect, where you can come into His Presence, curl up and get strong again.


This is our favorite Sunday afternoon music: A Clearing in the Wild. We saw Red Tail Ring by accident at Salt of the Earth, a small local-food restaurant/music venue in Fennville, MI. We walked in on a Saturday afternoon, slid into a booth after a hike in the Allegan State Game area and together consumed a huge homemade s’more. Red Tail Ring, a husband a wife team from Kalamazoo, MI were picking banjos in the next room and we took turn standing with a child in the shadows, transported. Upon arriving home, we immediately downloaded this song from itunes and now it’s the song we play on repeat to mark our entrance to the quiet hours. Check it out here.


Today as the sun begins to set on your year, I pray for quiet hours to allow the blessing to settle in.  I pray for you to “rest heavy, my Love.”


A Clearing in the Wild:


Rest heavy my Love.

Turn it all off.

Slow it all down while the sun’s far away.

Cause we mark the pages of every new day

and I want your first steps to be strong.


Let yourself go,

sigh like the rapids,

breathe down your body

let the dam overflow

and release the day like a thunder of sparrows

and lie in the stillness when everything’s gone.


I love you the fullest

when everything’s stripped

when nothing’ else is with us a clearing in the wild

leave no strings trailing

your sword is still flailing

so no thorns can grab on

as we float til’ the dawn.







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