Day 19: Feasting on Sabbath Time

On Sundays during Lent, we slow to a stop.  No more working, no more spinning, just rest.  Deep breaths leaning in.  Because He stopped and knows we need to too. So come to the well to be refilled, and don’t worry about coming emptyMy lovely friend Linda Andersen who wrote many books on learning Sabbath shares here today:


“They feast on the abundance of YOUR house; you give them DRINK from YOUR river of delights.”  Psalm 36:8

The sky is twice blue and dusted white with powdery cloud wisps.  The water is a smoky Chinese silk: fair and fairer still.  I watch as gulls soar and ducks float and children toss shiny coins into a flowing fountain. It’s almost summer, and as such reqires some serious people and nature watching.

The season that unwinds itself around me is slow and measured, like the pendulum swing of a grandfather clock.  It is Eden without the snake. Waves lap against the comforting shoulder of the shore and splash against ancient rock pilings.  Couples stroll to the heartbeat of a loving sun.

A jetski zips across my view, followed quickly by the red flame of a boat slicing through the water.  A tugboat chugs snail-like behind them both, and I am reminded that we need both speedboats and tugboats in life.

But we Americans, lean hard toward the speedboat side of life, victims of our own prowess, energy, and passions.  We exchange information at the speed of sound.  Our love affair with speed makes us ignore Christ’s call to come to him and find rest.  We believe the doctrine of efficiency until we’re all painted into painful corners of our own making.  And we hurt!

It hurts not to ponder.  It hurts not to stroll.  It hurts us when we toss kisses to God in lieu of lingering in His presence.  And we wonder when joy leaks and satisfaction dies.

What do I choose…today…now.  Once, I chose productivity.  And it tried
to kill me with disease.  That cancer changed my life forever.

I move slower now.  No longer a choice, it is a given.  I am the tugbboat. But I chug along with more joy. I skip.  I stop for fireflies.  I swim at dawn.  And I go to bed early. I drink from the Father…linger at the well.

Nothing ever suffers from  Sabbath living.


In a room, alone, turn off the lights.  Get comfortable (in a bathtub?). Light a fragranced candle.  Watch the flame.  Spend some time abiding in
silken moments.  Breathe out concerns.  Breathe in God’s Presence.

Linda Andersen

I have several books on Sabbath living: the too-busy book and Interludes.  You can buy them on Amazon.  Not trying to sell books…I don’t get any money from it anyhow!  But, just thought you might want to know!

This is Day 19 of Cross-Shaped Evangelism.  If you desire to catch up, click here.


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  1. Happily! Some ladies from my church and I are doing a sabbath project in which we so a bit of art each week. It’s been so healing to actually observe something different about a day of rest. Though I must confess sometimes with my schedule I have to work on Saturday so I just do Sunday instead.

  2. Hi Linda – this is the second post I’ve seen today about being still, resting in God, not rushing through life. Great post. God bless

    1. Thanks for coming by Tracy! It is a subject I’m preaching to myself and have to continually learn and relearn, thus the Friday Sabbath focus.

  3. Oh, how I need this. I’m trying hard to let go of the “doctrine of efficiency.” It has a hold on me because I want to be a good steward of my time, but there’s a difference between minding the time and letting it control me. I’ll take your words to heart today.

  4. Hi – I am not in touch with Linda any more, and don’t know how to contact her. But I have written about the blessing of having her as a mentor many years ago. I hope you will let her know:

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