Father’s Day Feasting with Daddy

Without you, I would have been content to walk sidewalks, unaware that there are worlds just beyond the concrete to be discovered.

Andrew and boys on bridge

Yesterday, we celebrated your Father’s Day and you showed us wonders. We hiked around Slippery Rock River, up waterfalls, and splashed into tadpole filled puddles.

slipper rock river

mud play Caedmon

I watched you pulling out crawfish with Caedmon, discovering shrimp to show the children, wiggling camas in your hand.

crawfish water play


I watched you relish the personalities of your children, your eyes twinkle at their silliness.

Madeline joy water play


Caedmon Madeline water play

They inched closer to enjoy Your delight of them.

Andrew and Caedmon teaching


You are giving us the world, Andrew. You pull it up hidden out of the water for us to watch the last glimmer of light bounce off the scales.


And in your delight, they are learning about a God who delights in them.

Thank you…for loving us all so very much. We love you THIS much!

joy jump Madeline water play

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  1. Absolutely love the pictures! And the subject matter of course. A blessed day for the father of my favorite children. Love all of you bunches!

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