Expect Resurrection


He is



The God of the Universe: All-Wise, All-powerfull, saturated through and through with goodness and love,

star-namer, man molder, light flinger, …

Healer, Redeemer, Life Breather, Dead Raiser, Wave Calmer,


is HERE.


The question is:

What in you needs to be resurrected, my friend?  What circumstance in your life today needs the “same power that raised Christ from the dead?” (Ephesians 1:19-20)


He has not left you to wander alone, shuffling behind full carts of brown-bagged pain, hoarded empty comfort.

You have not been abandoned.

He is here.  You, if you have believed on the Lord Jesus Christ, are his Child, Heir, Beloved.


He promised:

“I will be with you always.” (Matthew 28:20)

These were the words he desired to fall on our ears last, to echo down through millenia.

So Dear One:

What prison, (problem, knotted fear, pain) in your life would not be utterly transformed by the Presence of the Risen Conqueror walking fearlessly into it?

Invite Him in and

expect Resurrection.


Summer Gross

(If you need someone to pray with you today, leave a comment…sometimes the road has been long and hard and we need someone else to lead us into His Presence.)

Just a Sip:

Take a time out.  He IS here but our brain still short circuits, not believing we have truly been adopted by the God of the Universe, that the power, strength, wisdom, supplies of the universe are at our Abba Father’s disposal.  And Oh, how He yearns spill over into our empty hands.

One of the greatest retooling in our brain needs to occur at this point:  Knowing that He is present at all times…with us.  We have an orphan complex, still thinking we are homeless.

Take ten minutes to rest, concentrating on the truth that He is present in His fullness, with all of His power, love, strength, wisdom… with you… right now.

Ready for a spiritual exercise? 

Breathe deeply for ten minutes, eyes closed, repeating: “You are here” or “You are always with me.” or “The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not lack.” etc. Thank Him for the truth finding its way deeper into your mind, dislodging the fear, anger, frustration, worry.

or listen prayerfully to Kari Jobe sing “Here“:

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and Jami @ http://www.callmeblessed.com/

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    1. Jen,
      Thanks for taking time out of a busy schedule to come by…so glad you were refreshed by your time sipping Him!

    1. Hi Amy,
      That’s lovely! I’m so thankful to meet such women of depth (virtually, of course!) over the internet. Beautiful that your reading connected with what you practice already! Thanks for coming by!

  1. What a wounderful reminder this morning. A very refreshing way to begin the day that awaits…to be reminded of His Presence that is always with me. Thank you for sharing!

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