Day 9: Play

Moving is hard, slogging work: new relationships, new rules, new horizons, and the daily mixture of grief and joy. You have been hard at work, my friend.


Today toss “have to” aside and travel on over to the side of your brain where play resides.

creative watercolor

Put on your favorite dance tunes and slide over the hardwood floors in your socks. Go to the art store and pick up new watercolor supplies. Go to a concert and lose yourself in the string section, saunter slowly around the paths of a park, or just pile magazines on your bed to peruse with a warm cafe au lait in your hands. Push a canoe paddle through the water, make a new recipe, pick up forgotten handiwork, take in a new movie (one acclaimed for children). Go to the dollar store and buy bubbles.


Enter in.  Often go to the park with your kids and sit on a bench, perusing your facebook while the children play? Today, enter in. Swing beside your little guy. Follow her up the ladder into a world up in the trees. Put on your tennis shoes get out onto the field and kick the ball.


Enter in with all your senses. Plant your feet in the sand. Make bread. Visit a gardening store, smell and dream.


crawfish water play

134creative threadsmud play Caedmon



Today, you have permission to forget the boxes still piled in the corner of the living room and walk out the door. Today we play.


We’re on a 31 day journey toward falling in love with our zip code. Our family just moved down five states south and are loving the warm October. Would you like to come along? Slip your email address (I’ll guard it with my life) into the CONNECT box on the front page and we’ll journey together.



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  1. Joining in to embrace the moment of play. Today in my Sunday school class, we started out with spontaneous action in movement.. Oh the Joy!! We are learning the fruits if the spirit , Today was The Fruit Joy, Oh his Goodness. I happen to have the privilege and honor to lead the kids in active listening participation and creativity in playfully playing with play dough and sharing stories of the who what where why and how they came up with their Joy!! Oh what A precious time!!
    Thanks Summer.. The Joy of your pictures, your creating beauty in the midst of letting go and starting again.. You are a precious friend who I honor respect love and give thanks for!!

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