Day 8: Celebrating our Smallness

There is a great comfort in the knowledge that the world does not revolve around us.


We rest in powerlessness.  We celebrate our smallness.


We have no ability to change a mind, mend a heart, plant truth, make the thirsty drink.  Our only power comes in one simple, but world-changing gift: an invitation.


We are invited to open the great doors to heaven itself, march right up to the throne and open our mouths, confident we will have the full attention of the God of the Universe. Hebrews 4:16


And all this would be completely audacious, if we had not been given permission, through the blood of Jesus, His Son.  And you are right, friend, “permission” is not quite the right word. Perhaps it is closer to joy…His complete and utter joy that He can share the work of resurrection with His adopted children.  And how does he share?  He shares the work through giving us this simple though profound task…again, the asking.


The funny thing is that this is what He was wanting to do all along…bring in more children.  He just can’t wait to get his hands on more adoption papers!  He loves to take in the new ones, lean down gently to wash their faces, whisper new names in their ears, and place the seal of His love to mend broken hearts.


He invites us to pull heaven down toward earth with our asking.


And this is where we bring all the news of those lost lambs, the ones whose stories we have begun to fall in love with.  Because He is the only one who can truly search and rescue, the One who knows where they hide and what sent them on their self-defeating journey in the first place.


We come, we ask, and we celebrate our smallness in the shadow of the throne.


(The next few days, I will be sharing prayers and Scripture that we can whisper in His ear. Perhaps along with my church, you will want to print off and create a binder of these PDF files to encourage your heart for these, your “persons”?

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