Day 33: Captivated people Captivate

You know the moment.  A crowded city square and you are walking through the cafe.  In front of you is a woman sitting at a small marble table, fork suspended, looking beyond you and to the right with this big, ecstatic smile.  A voyageur viewing joy.  Her eyes are shining, a giggle starting to erupt.


And you? You can’t.  help.  but.  look.


People who are captivated, draw others to be captivated.

So today, I’m inspired to clear-cut productivity in order to get captivated by Jesus again.  I will push aside the lists and the crammed schedule and raise my hands up to my mouth full of living water…to drink Presence…and be full on eyes-shining delighted with Jesus.


“If we wish to quench our thirst, we must lay aside books which explain thirst and take a drink.”  Jean Pierre de Caussade,  Abandonment to Divine Providence


Summer Gross

This post is a part of the cross-shaped evangelism series.  Locate more here…or don’t and go
on a wild-goose chase for Jesus.

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  1. We were talking at my small group the other night about people watching and site seeing and how sometimes you come upon something you’re just in awe of and all you can do is weep while everyone else just stands the taking pictures and missing the holy moment. I think God must be like, people! Look! A bird! I fed him!!!

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