Day 27: Persevering Prayer

The world is taking its time, spinning slowly on its 24 hour axis but we, we are hampsters on a wheel panting out of breath.  And in my mom/minister/writer wheel, the first thing that always flies out I’m embarrassed to say?  Intercession.


A wise person once gave me perspective in this area.  He said to never take on anything more than you can provide prayer coverage for.


And you Friend, what needs more prayer coverage in your life?


Surely your person, journeying to Jesus needs the persevering prayer that will bring the Kingdom near.  (Check out the links in that last sentence for helpful prayer handouts.)


How do you fit intercession into your life?  (I’d really like to know.  Please comment and “join the conversation” so we can learn from your experience!)


I run/bike/elliptical to an ipod stacked with worship music.  The worship music is filled with phrases that encourage me to pray for those around me.  Interested?  Here are a few illustrations…peppy of course so I can run to the beat.



This is just a handful of songs I pray with…and always thrown in there is Handel’s Messiah…because I’m a choral/opera geek and the scriptures Handel picked all point to salvation.

Today’s post is part of a series, cross-shaped evangelism.  Want to catch up?  Find it here.

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