Born Again this Morning: Worship Help

Linda is enabling us to read one of her “worship helps” to get us ready for our own worship:

Father! We meet again! Morning light skitters glad along eastern skies. Candlelight flickers. Ballet of light, this, in our holy of holies. I listen long into this morning. Soul stands on tiptoe. Spirit shifts. We meet again. And the raw joy of “Love”, face to face stirs deep in innermost sanctum.

You enter in, further, and darkness divides, shearing light from night. You speak life hard into my soul, and pause briefly to polish stars and juggle moon and ride the ripening sun. You wink and shake my world. Your voice robs mine. My blackboard is erased. There is only You….You who sprinkle snow and herd clouds. You who stack stars and filter rains. You who push waves with a breath, and scour earth for thirsty hearts. You who meet us all beside still waters and join us in green meadows and lend us your scepter and give us your shield. You who buffer us, cloak us and find us precious and wipe our tears and clear our slates. These cloistered moments make you big and bigger. They show You true.

Breezes carry the tune as you lean low and sing. I listen, your people listen, and curtains are drawn back on the kingdom of heaven on earth. You manger us, swaddle us, rock us to sleep, and leave the night light on. You quench our thirsts and raise our dead things to life and we are born again, and born again, and born again.

Strong voice of grace still amazing, you sing over us, in us, beneath us, around us and always and ever through us. Celestial hallelujahs cascade, shimmy and roll through the rocks of ages, and tell “love’s old story, “just one more time”. You partner with your own and make our songs to become one with yours: a new song, indivisible, high and lifted up, and shot through with dangerous love.

Twin towers, you and yours, Lord. Invincible you. Empowered us.

Together a song unstoppable, unquenchable, mysterious, victorious, uproarious. Forever, divine.

Laughter pools in shameless joy. Satan quakes. Earth shakes. Love scribes a Valentine around my name. And ropes my soul. Amen.

Linda Andersen

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