Becoming Grounded: Feasting on the Present Day 3

When anxiety surges, all awareness is drawn like a magnet to that fear.  Surroundings blur, breathing shallows and the whirring begins.  I could walk through hours, days like that and barely feel the touch of that sweet toddler hand.


A shade upon the earth.


This is when we need to stop…to practice stillness


Because only in the stillness can I  Know for certain that He is God…

CS Lewis’ Great Divorce tells the story of a bus drive from hell to heaven.  The shades in hell step on the bus without knowing what to expect but packing anxiety and stuffing plenty of narcissism into the corners of their luggage.  When they step off the bus, they see the beauty and the light emanating from the Son but oh, the grass hurts their feet.  Everything there is REAL.  But soon they realize that it is they who are transparent.


How often do I too miss the portal to the Presence of God, the portal to joy by whirring through life?


When I am fully present, grounded, becoming weighty and stepping strong upon the earth, I am receiving the gifts of the Giver, seeing life through the Light of the Son…and perhaps that is the portal through which the Kingdom of God can come.

by Summer Gross

How is your practice of being fully present…joining the Feast that God had so generously set out?  In case you are having trouble, I will be spelling out the practice even more clearly in the coming days.  Keep it up and be sure to give yourself grace…we have a lot of experience to overcome.

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