Are You Addicted to Big? Matthew 13:31-33 *SLOW Word video*

Come join me in the Presence to listen to Jesus remind us that the Kingdom is made up of small.  In a world addicted to big, it’s a powerful reminder. Below is my story of big addiction. Want to receive these Lectio Divina, these invitations of Word to prayer, straight into your inbox? Subscribe on the right:




I knelt on the blue berber carpet at the front of the church as often as I could.

We were a Christian Missionary Alliance church and rated an “A” congregation for all the big missionaries to make their circuit through during their furlough year. An altar call was always given, “Just as I Am” was played, and I walked forward, knelt and spread my palms on the berber carpet. I smelled adventure. I wanted to do big things for God.


But the mustard seed kingdom life doesn’t work that way. We are not plucked out of obscurity into big. We are taught to get down on our knees with a basin and a towel and rub tiny feet, wrinkled feet, and the tired feet with cracked heels. The Spirit teaches us to plant lines of seed one at a time. We learn to love big, not work big. They are rarely ever one in the same.


We learn to cup our children’s faces and linger just a little bit longer than necessary. We learn that small acts of kindness watered by grace feed a marriage. We learn the particular accent of the woman next door, the village where her people are from, and her favorite type of tea. We learn to become a collector of stories, that a vulnerable heart listening well is the building block of trust.


We learn to sit in the dark and quiet and sow seeds of prayer which will never be counted, nor should they. They should be massed in our hands and thrown out liberally, generously.


We learn that who we become for God is infinitely more important than what we do for God. We learn that becoming a good news person means listening to the heartbeat of God first, leaning on His chest like John the Beloved at the table, and finding our home in that steady pattern. Sometimes we are encouraged to whisper what we hear into the next waiting ear. Sometimes we become a container for the secrets of God and hold them tenderly in our hands in order not to crush them.


It’s been a long ten years of unlearning the siren song of Big. I tied my worth to it. I tied God’s love to it. I made vows to it which had to be cut off. But the Kingdom is built by small offered to He who is big but was planted in a womb, a tiny seed.


What are your small Kingdom beginnings today, friend? Join me in the comments.

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  1. Oh, Summer. I cannot help but think of how the seeds planted during these few, slow minutes might bear fruit…and multiply.
    Thank you. 💜

  2. Thank you Summer! I needed the reminder of the mustard seeds and yeast that God uses. As I am working to grow my nutrition business I am often tempted to look at the “famous and successful” instead of the individual people God has placed in my path now to help. But I need to remember that I have no idea of how God can and will use my small acts to affect His kingdom for good. I just have to do the small things and trust Him.

  3. Good word, Summer. I’ve had to learn this over my last few years of ministry, as well. It’s a hard lesson, but one I think Jesus really wants His children to learn.

  4. “We learn to love big, not work big.” There is so much wisdom in this post, Summer. Thank you for your faithfulness in sharing what you are hearing/learning. Your encouragement to slow down and listen to the Lord through His word is so needed.

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