A Place of Your Own

Most of your life you share space with someone or something else. And most of it is right and good. Yet…in that hiding place of the heart, you hear a voice calling for a place of your own.

A longing for solitude wells up inside most of us regularly, no matter how occupied or diverted we are. In fact, the busier we are, the more insistent God’s invitation to “come away” compels us. (Song of Solomon 2:10, KJV)

So then, where will you find your own place of reflection…of prayer and reverie? Why not begin by asking what kinds of places soothe you? Where and when does your soul relax and begin to “stroll”? What colors, sounds, scenes produce a sigh from your deepest places?

“When we create an atmosphere that is pleasing to our eyes and beautiful in our sight, we are replenished by being there. As we are replenished, we are energized to enjoy life and all it holds.” – Terry Willits

Do you love flowers? Then browse through a garden or plant one. Love to read? Then find a nook in a library. Walk beside a river. Sink into a rocking chair. Make your bed your island. But find a way to answer the call to be alone: to make room for your soul.

Are you attracted to water? Then a brook or pond or lake or wide-open sea will beckon. What about plants? Visit a plant sanctuary. Does fragrance stir you deeply? Use fragrance before you walk or after a bath, or before bedtime, or light a scented candle during your devotional times. Even tiny moments can become “rooms for the soul”.

I drive to the country–to a riverwalk beside still waters, and stroll, and sit on the bench overlook. My car becomes a sanctuary–a house of praise– as I play music on the way there. Other times, I find respite on my porch swing. And libraries: I go often and linger long and happily in libraries and second-hand bookstores.

I actually keep a list of my favorite places in case I forget. For what is more important to remember than places where the “holy” comes –high and holy places where Love comes down–where soul rises , and where life is set right and “dusted off” and strengthened by God to return to the story we call life.

“My special place is a small brook in a green glade, a circle of quiet from which there is no visible sign of human beings.” -Madeline L’Engle

My own porch is completely private and overlooks a deep gorge, a creek, and a forest of quiet giants. It is the most pleasant of places to spend a quiet hour. It’s furniture is simple and comforting. There I greet the sounds of the morning and there say goodnight to the stars.

My bedroom has a tiny rocker beside a window with a view. There I meet the Lord morning by morning, candle lit, coffee in hand, and there I am changed. He sees to it.

Wherever you choose to “come away”, relish soul peace beyond understanding that only God gives. Such a peace is a gift.

You will know you have found a place of value if your soul starts daydreaming, and a smile plays about your lips and your heart beats against God’s.

The Father pulls out your chair, He issues the invitation, he lays the table, and He provides the nourishment. All…you need….is here.

Let the feasting begin!!

Linda Andersen

Where do you go when your heart needs refreshment?

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  1. Hi Linda,
    Yippee! I am thirsty and Hungry for more too. This is MORE, and I am Thankful…
    I am growing and learning from my loving father to keep things Simple and Sacred…
    I look forward to sharing deeper and LOVING deeper, as I heal and be resurrected in his precious Name!

    Linda, I am so thankful to have met you, you are Precious!
    What a great way to encourage the Body! Thank you for listening Summer and Linda!


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