A Call to Feast on the Present Moment: Day 1


They are finally, after 8 years of the beautiful chaos of young children, all happily ensconced at school!  My three year old sat down at a puzzle in his new preschool room this morning, gave me a kiss and turned his eyes-shining attention to the wooden animals at the small linoleum table.  I was free to leave, thanks.


So I am alone in a present velvet silence, wrapping it around me like a shawl and sinking into it.  No music, no kitchen dance parties today, just the sound of the dryer turning companionably and my thoughts obediently staying all in a row.


I am feasting on the present moment: A mug of hot cinnamon tea, a peony-scented candle flickering on the countertop, the Maple tree leaves slowly waving from the backyard, and tonight’s chicken-stuffed crescent roll dinner on the counter in process.


I am aware of HERE and feasting on NOW, though so often it is a tug-of-war struggle.


I love the idea that God did not just call the Israelites to fast, He also called them to feast, sometimes for weeks in a row. 

Sometimes it is in the focused feast, that we learn the path to joy.

I feel called to join the 31 Day movement, (You can find other 31 Day writers here.  Thank you, Nester! You better believe I will be following yours: Home. On Purpose) called to explore the corners of this subject, called to daily practice this new joy-ushering discipline.

And this is what I feel called to this October:  31 Days of Feasting on the Present Moment…the call, the steps, the joy.

Perhaps you will wish to join me, to stop for at least ten minutes a day (start with five perhaps?) and be present through all of your senses.

And this is the feast that opens the door to thanksgiving…to joy…to shutting the door to anxiety…to choosing Life.

Summer Gross

Today I am joining the Eucharisteo feast at Ann’s

1. Crickets moving in downstairs

2. Family driving hours to be in our presence just one day.

3. A 8-10 knot sail to take the breath away yesterday afternoon (honestly taking away my breath and perhaps a little adrenaline-rush junior high girl screaming!)

4. An Italian picnic slathered with pesto

5. My beautiful mother and sister…looking into their eyes

6. The path to a clean house becoming more well-worn

7. Time to luxuriate in scripture…and the Author who is always present when His words are read.

8. Watching my children wrestle on the green carpet with their Grandpa Steve


Friend, what are you thankful for today?

Also joining LL Barkat and Laura Boggess
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