A Beg for Grace and a New *SLOW Word*

Dearest of SLOW Word community,

Lent is for listening and tweaking how we spend our hours and drinking full glasses of grace when we realize we just can’t get everything done.

This Lent I’m finishing up a year of study in a spiritual direction certificate program. Have I ever told you I could go to school full time and live happily ever after? And yes, I love the smell of new books, fresh rimes of paper, and “bouquets of newly sharpened pencils.” Thank you You’ve Got Mail for that fantastic line. Well, the closer I get to the center of my favorite studies, inner healing and spiritual direction, the more my foot bounces under the table through entire lectures and I have a hard time keeping my hand down and asking the appropriate number of questions. Yup, I’m that kind of sit-in-the-front-seat nerd. All out of joy, mind you.

Well, a full year of study has gone by and now it’s time to wrap up papers and a ton of loose ends. The administrator is after me to send in paper work. So I need to beg grace from you to go quiet for a few weeks.

The Slow Word will take a deep breath through April so I can pursue my studies with focus.

See you all in May when all the projects, the papers, and the verbatims have been turned in. Mwah! It’s been pure joy to listen to the word with you. But now, just one more from 1 Peter 5:5-11.


Enjoy your spring and keep listening,

Summer Joy Gross

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  1. Thank you for sharing a new slow word. I’m blessed to hear what the Lord is doing in your midst. There are plenty of slow words in your archives for us to go back and savor while you wrap up school papers. ❤

  2. I will miss the time with you and the Slow Word–I am so blessed by the precious time we have been spending together. I have looked forward to Mon and Thurs. I so understand your need to pursue and wrap up school papers and all that is involved in your studies. As was said, there are plenty of slow words to go back to and re-visit.
    Take the time you need and breathe the breathe of God as He fills you and holds you during this time. Love to you.

    1. Thank you Diane! It’s been such a gift to learn to show up to the Word on those days. I’ll miss these Lectios these weeks. Blessings on your spring.

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